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Attending painting lessons from a very early age instilled a passion in me for the visual world. I then went on to complete a Master’s in Art Direction at ESAG Penninghen (Paris). After 7 years in Paris and a brief stint working for an advertising production company, I decided to go back to my routes and moved to London. I then had the pleasure of working with Irving & Co. for 3 years, where I discovered the world of packaging and continued to develop my illustration skills. This was followed by a very cold year spent in Quebec and the beginning of my freelance and often nomadic life.

I am currently based in Luxembourg but continue to enjoy collaborating with clients from all over the world. I thrive on challenging briefs, working intuitively and taking inspiration from the natural world as well as classic design. Every new project and client is an opportunity to explore and create something bespoke and unique.

I look forward to hearing from you...